Killing Cortez

Status: Pilot Script

Writers: J. Mackye Gruber & Georgia Gwynne Gruber

A dark, twisted, telenovela drama thriller. Exploring the secrets and lies of a powerful Hispanic family in tandem with Machiavellian operations orchestrated from within the ruling agencies of the United States government – Killing Cortez is a serialized show following Rinaldo Cortez’s rise to becoming enemy of the state. As the world around Rinaldo closes in, he adopts violent means to strike back at those out to destroy him. And those out to destroy him, play every demonic card in the book of evil. Romantic jeopardy ensues as the CIAs defiant Special Agent Nina Storm and her subject – the contagious kingpin Cortez - become increasingly entangled, their obsession and attraction for one another causing chaos in its wake.


Status: Pilot Script, Pitch, Presentation Deck

Writers: J. Mackye Gruber & Georgia Gwynne Gruber

 Set on a paradise island off the coast of Honduras, X-PAT explores the enviable world of family man Freddy Jones – an American fugitive whose identity is threatened when a missing narco sub brings an ensemble of gangsters and law enforcement to his chosen hideaway.

Rumspring - Watch Rumspring

Status: Pilot show. Proof of concept pilot presentation.

Director: J. Mackye Gruber

Writers: Shaun Modica & Charlie McWade

Rumspringa’ is the story of Rebecca Chupp, a 19 year old, frightened, and vulnerable Amish woman who has begun experiencing sudden and unexpected bouts of bizarre behavior, including what seem to be paranormal powers. Unable to explain what is happening to her, Rebecca, her family, and her community, believe she is going insane. What she nor anyone else is aware of is that she has become vulnerable to demonic possession.  She is forced to attend her Rumspringa, with the community hoping she'll never return.  What she discovers about her powers, however,  forces her back into her community, for better or worse, to save the very people that shunned her. 

The Devil

Status: In Development

Writers: J. Mackye Gruber & Georgia Gwynne Gruber

Drug dealers beware, The Devil is coming to get you. Gangster Stephen French invented the perfect crime: robbing drug barons of their huge fortunes and torturing them with horrifying violence until they paid up. French was no ordinary criminal. He was a world-champion fighter, he studied psychology at university to master mind-control techniques, and he used the teachings of Machiavelli and samurai warriors to outwit his enemies. Through "taxing" the richest and most powerful crime lords in the UK, he netted over 20 million pounds. 

Dark Water

Status: Pilot Script

Director: J. Mackye Gruber

Writers: J. Mackye Gruber & Georgia Gwynne Gruber

The day before Halloween, an ancient limb is discovered in the peat, sending Oxford professor LEW MALLORY - an American archeologist – on a mission to Dark Water to excavate the land. We explore Lew’s scientific discoveries in tandem with a murder investigation led by Chief Constable MEGAN WILLIAMS… both of which become complicated by their unexpected romance. As events unfold, Dark Water is exposed to be a village steeped in ancient history, and filled with shady characters whose mysterious pasts come back to haunt them. Celtic mythology, a blood moon, the discovery of a 2000 year old sacrificed king preserved in the peat, and a series of gnarly murders, all converge in this dark drama thriller!

Antebellum - Watch Antebellum

Status: Pilot Script

Writers: Chris Browning & Andrew McKenzie

Marlow and his band of displaced exiles navigate their way through a tense, pre-Cival War America seeking fortune, revenge, and survival using violence, deceit, and the only real bargaining chip in their possession, the first ever Gatling Gun.

Inspired by Stephen Crane's The Black Riders and Other Lines, Antebellum is not your typical Western.  It is both more poetic and more violent; real characters in turbulent times. 

The Courier - Watch The Courier

Status: Award winning short/proof of concept. Treatment.

Director: J. Mackye Gruber

Writers: J. Mackye Gruber & Georgia Gruber

After being struck by lightning, Joey wakes up in a dark world between life and death, where he experiences an intense and surreal NDE (near death experience). Confronted with the horrendous crimes he has committed by being a courier for the mob - a silent cog in a ghastly machine – Joey is given a chance to make it right with startling consequences. A serial psychological thrill ride, Joey gains special powers to correct his past mistakes and clean up his karma.  Each episode, Joey navigates the dark labyrinth of the criminal underworld – taking on dangerous thugs, cartels, hells angels, private military corporations, black op government officials and assassins - new missions that come with new powers. But even with the help of the universe, Joey’s adversaries are formidable.

Rabbit Hole

Status: Pilot Script

Writer: Georgia Gwynne Gruber

A legal thriller revolving around the complex professional and personal life of feisty female defense attorney JASPER BLACK who operates without a firm, from a Hollywood WeWorks. Dodging bullets, Jasper walks the line brilliantly between calculated investigative detective; celebrity trial attorney; fully functioning and sympathetic wife and mother; boss to a team of highly illegal legal eagles who call her “Jefe”; and all the while she harbors a big secret, dealing with the emotional ramifications of having taken someone’s life. As events unravel each Season, we watch Black’s perilous quest for justice see her compromise moral integrity for truth. We discover in the process that the rabbit hole Black goes down is actually built into her DNA. She’s an addict for the unknown… And we are smitten.

Doktor Freud

Status: Pilot Script

Writer: Nicole Torre

At the end of the century, while under the influence of sex, drugs, and mad men, young Dr. Sigmund Freud sets out to find a cure for mental illness and transforms the world. Meet the many fascinating characters who influenced Freud and how they helped him develop his many theories and practices that are still with us today.


Status: Pilot script

Writer: George Kotero

Counter-espionage agent Alexandra “Jaguar” Marcus is tasked by a secret governmental organization to hunt down and eliminate banker Leona Wiehl, a terrorist financier whose deadly terror group intends to explode a dirty bomb in the city of Chicago.


Status: Pitch

Writers: J. Mackye Gruber & Georgia Gwynne Gruber

 A serialized action thriller set in the high-octane world of frontline reporting, following our main character - investigative journalist - LILA DHAVISH. Each Season, Lila is sent to cover a breakout story in a new dangerous location alongside a complicated group of characters who always pop up when the unrest begins. The show is a constantly unfolding mystery – a gritty, visceral whodunit. Confucius says, “it is impossible to sling mud with clean hands…” and that’s the theme of this show… every report spoken, word written, accusation thrown, comes from men and women who have to get down and dirty to dig at the truth. The Edge embodies a thematic hypocrisy - that lying and cheating are fundamental weapons for those exploring and exposing truth. Question is, how do those weapons change you? And does the truth you find get contaminated by the methods you choose to unveil it?

Island Justice

Status: Pitch

When Detective LIXUE ANG - a Chinese single mom with a secret past – leaves the Chinese People’s Armed Police Force (PAP) in Beijing to head up the crime investigation unit on Hainan Island – the place she ran away from when she was eighteen - she’s confronted with a landscape that’s more dangerous than she remembered. Forced to enlist the help of mysterious American expat JAKE FOUNTAIN – a former Navy Seal battling with PTSD – the two damaged crime fighters join secret forces to take on the local mob and international gangsters. ANG deals with her fractured family and ghosts from her past, while FOUNTAIN struggles with his pre-injury life as a government assassin.