J. Mackye Gruber

Native New Yorker, J. Mackye Gruber graduated from USC Film School with several awards for directing and cinematography. A passionate underwater photographer, Gruber worked for the Cousteau Society before directing/producing the controversial indie film ‘Blunt’ which won accolades including Best Comedy 1998 New York and New Orleans Film Festivals. Gruber, in partnership with Eric Bress, sold their first pilot show to Disney/ABC and spec script ‘Frozen’ to Phoenix Pictures.

Subsequently Gruber went on to enjoy a successful writing career selling several TV pilots and film scripts. In 2001, Gruber-Bress penned the box office #1 hit thriller Final Destination 2 for New Line Cinema. Thereafter they wrote and directed the iconic box office hit ‘The Butterfly Effect’. In 2005, they created ABC Family’s highest rated original series TV show ‘Kyle XY’ which won multiple awards. To date, Gruber’s creations have generated over $500,000,000 worldwide.

Georgia Gwynne Gruber

Born in Wales, Georgia Gwynne Gruber graduated from Oxford University with a BA/MA in Law, then spent six months in Her Majesty’s prison where she learnt to "be a better lawyer!" After a year in South America, Georgia become a globe trotting freelance journalist as well as working as a fundraiser for Amnesty International, Survival International, and Greenpeace. She went on to produce and present Travel Channel’s hit TV show ‘Earthwalkers’, covering stories in East Africa and Europe, as well as shooting a travel comedy in India, Nepal and Tibet, with a cameo by the Dalai Lama. Following a move to LA, Georgia has written/produced successful TV, film and book projects for production companies, studios and private individuals, working with talent from Europe to America, from Zayn Malik to Larry King. Georgia drives and develops projects for Darklight Entertainment with a strong focus on IP acquisition with a trans-media focus, as well as smart and engaging original content. She works with an army of talented young people. "Darklight is a community. A family. We are taking necessary time to nurture the next generation of kick ass writers, directors, gamers and producers."

Georgia is a Global Change Ambassador for Round Table Global and a representative on the En Committee with the First Lady of Japan, serving the three global goals of Education for all; Empowering everyone; and Environmental rejuvenation.